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Being a Charity Shop enthusiast I always visit the conglomeration of Charity Shops on my visits to Worcester.
This Charity Shop is slightly separated from most of the others, being in the middle of St Swithin's Street.
It is always very clean, and laid out like a "High Street shop" rather than a charity shop, but is usually sparsely stocked and prices tend to be on the high side, I have visited it several times on my various visits to Worcester, but have never found any "too tempting bargains" here, don't think I have ever bought anything here, compares poorly to the bargains to be found in Scope, Kidderminster.
Good points - Clean, Clearly laid out
Poor Points - High prices, limited amount of stock on display   03-12-13
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We are from outside of Worcester and after a hospital appointment used this car park, to go to ASDA to get some Christmas Presents and have some overdue Breakfast.
When we went through the till, the lovely cashier asked if we had a parking ticket to refund - we replied we didn't know you had to pay on the Asda Car Park, and she told us you may get a ticket.
We went straight back to the car in the middle of level 2 to find a ticket already on the screen -
HOWEVER We stood and looked around, and could see no PAY signs and no machines, we walked back to the lifts, there are about 6 large lifts, and could still see nothing, then hidden round the corner from the lifts is one tiny machine with a notice which has one thin band which says Pay and Display.
We went back to ASDA and spoke to Customer Services and Security officials, both told us it was NOT ASDA's CAR PARK, and they could do nothing about the fine, but did send for the Car Park attendant, who was a very pleasant young man who readily agreed the signage was very poor.
On the way out, we had to wait a long time to pull out of our space as traffic was stationary behind us, when clear it was easy to back out as the roadway was quite wide, however the up down ramps were quite tight in places and seemed to block each other's access, causing traffic to be slow.
As we drove out we looked out for notices - but didn't any, we exited the Car Park and stopped in the bus park over the road to take a photo, as we thought the signs on the entrance were really badly positioned and very poor. Apart from the massive ASDA sign above there are two signs by the entrance both on the left, and the one obscures the other, PAY AND DISPLAY is limited to a very narrow ASDA coloured green band, BUT you have to negotiate an island t the entrance, so for drivers coming from the hospital or station direction, you do not even see the signs as you are watching vehicles coming round the island from the right.
Good points - Big smooth lifts, £1 for 3 hours, Easy road access
Bad points - Poor and poorly sited signage, hidden pay machines, narrow ramps between floors, poorly designed layout, traffic jams, poorly lit, new user unfriendly.   03-12-13
Tags: , access, asda, car park, display, fines, pay, value