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13 days after vacating, we still have no check out, and are being charged for rediculous things! Property wasn't clean when we moved in, yet we are being charged to clean it?! Carpets were a state, yet we are being charged to clean them?! They told us we put a TV on the wall which left marks but we never had a TV on the wall (their inspections would back our point up!). Have requested the check out, photos etc but these still aren't available?? How?? If we haven't had the check out then neither has the landlord, so how can they confirm deductions the landlord wants without sending him the report? And they haven't provided us with the prescribed information for our deposit. The response from the director was appalling saying "the check out speaks for itself"... He obviously hasn't read the check in which shows what a state it was when we moved in! Emails ignored during the tenancy also which has created further issues with the check out as we advised of the issues and had no response. The landlord however is lovely and this is no reflection at all on the landlord... Hills have been a Nightmare to deal with and terrible customer service!!!   20-04-13